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Sharing files with OwnCloud
Last Updated 4 years ago

Like Dropbox, you are able to share files and folder to external users. This guide shows you how to do this and looks at the various security options.
Note: By default sharing is disabled for data protection reasons, if you require this feature please request it from IT Support.

If you are using a windows machine, browse to the file or folder you would like to share, right-click and select "Share with OwnCloud". Please note that sometimes the windows doesn't pop up and you will see it flashing at the bottom of the screen.

Click on share link and you'll be presented with the following screen.

Owncloud Share
If you click on the "Copy Link" button, it will copy the file/s link to your clipboard. You are now able to paste the link into an email. Please be wary that there is no control over who can access the shared files if they have this link.

Other Options
There are a few other options we can configure;
- Password Protect, enabling this will request a password from the user accessing the files. Please remember not to send the password in the same email as the link.
- Set Expiration Date - This allows you to set a date when the link will stop working, using this feature is good practice as shared links are often forgotten about.

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