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Finding your way around Skype for Business
Last Updated 4 years ago

Skype for Business allows you to communicate with other staff members from around the trust. It allows you to communicate in numerous ways such as voice calls, video calls and sharing documents or your desktop. You can have up to 255 users in one group.

Once you have logged into Skype for Business (using your email details) you will be present with the below screen.

Starting at the top, you can see where it mentions "Available" under your name, this option allows you to set your status, such as Away.
- Next you will see a section to set your location.
- Below this you will see 3 tabs, Contacts, Conversations and Calendar
- The find someone section allows you to search for any staff member in the trust, you can add them to your favourites.
- Your favorites will appear in this list, they can be organised in to groups and allow quick access.

If you double (left) click on a user, you'll be presented with the chat windows like below.

Chat Window
- You'll notice an multiple people icon at the top right, this allows you too add additional people to the conversation.
- The white area at the bottom of this window allows you to input text to send to the recipient.
- If you would like to start a video chat, click on the camera button and this will ask you if you would like to start your webcam.
- The next icon is for a voice only call with the recipient.
- The 3rd icon is to present content, this could be sharing your desktop, sharing a PowerPoint presentation.

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