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Microsoft Teams Protocols
Last Updated 2 years ago

To ensure we get the best out of Microsoft Teams and ensure it remains useful and easy to use, we've set out a number of protocols for everyone to follow. These will be periodically reviewed and feedback is always welcomed.

- When creating a new converstation on Teams please ensure you have a look to see if there’s an existing one where your comment may fit, at the start of converstations you should see a brief topic description. Should your comment not fit into an existing conversation please create a new one with the topic description first in the following format, Topic Description:

- When you want to tag the whole team in, use the @team and select the name of the team.

- When uploading a document such as a image, please ensure you upload it to a misc folder first and then link to the file. If you don’t do this, the images appear in the root of the folder strucuture.

- As with all confidential information, please ensure Teams is closed before presenting. You have a verity of options to disable it from starting up with windows and changing notifications, these can be found by clicking on your avater (top right) and clicking settings. You find the options under the Application header and also the notifications tab.

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