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Useful Help Tools and Websites
Last Updated 4 years ago

Below are some tools and websites that can help you manage your website to make it as effective as possible to the readers.

Broken Link Checker - Use this tool to check whether there are any broken links on your website.
Code Tester - Copy and paste your code to this webiste to see whether it works before making it live.
Coding Glossary - Use this to find any HTML tag that you would use on your website.
Code Writer - For those of you with a bit more experience install and try this code writing software.
General Help Website - Use this site for any general coding help you can't find in our knowledgebase.
Html Colour Codes - Use this to find the HTML code for any colour imaginable.
Joomla Help - Use this site to help you get around Joomla.
School Logo Colour Codes - Use this photo to find the colour code for any DSAT schools logo.

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